Baked Goods

The substitutes of palm oil and palm oil fractions in confectionery, baked goods (especially puff pastry), spreads and popular chocolate hazelnut spreads is a challenging issue. Alongside rapeseed oil, fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil and, if necessary, coconut oil is also used. However, we use tried and trusted compositions with palm-based components which always come from selected, sustainably cultivated sources and optionally also from organic cultivations.

Fat content makes baked goods pliable

The precise way in which the profile of an oil is modified or whether a special mixture is developed depends on the individual use. The fat content should make baked goods pliable. For industrial or artisan methods of manufacturing baked goods, we produce refined, hydrogenated or fractionated shortening and margarines for baking with a low trans fat content. They are deliberately crystallised and, depending on the type of dough and desired processing properties, they are highly malleable or homogeneous with an easy-to-process structure.

We offer a wide range of product-specific processing properties for commercial and industrial manufacture.


Baked goods and biscuits
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