Contaminant reduction

Preventing process contaminants 

As Swiss edible oil refinery, we produce pure high-quality oils and fats. With our high-tech technology, we are able to achieve a previously unattained level of quality and thus become an important contact partner for manufacturers.

Swiss quality

Most crude oils - vegetable and animal - become contaminated during cultivation and transport. Due to our state-of-the art technology, we can remove process contaminants in a gentle way. Valuable components such as micronutrients are preserved and yields of essential omega-3 fatty acids can be maximized. At the same time, mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) - originating from exhaust gases or emissions from industrial facilities - pesticides and plasticizers derived from mineral oil are significantly reduced or even removed. Thanks to application of this new method, we make high-quality oils and fats possible. 

High-purity oils and fats

The challenge is to choose a gentle purification process to remove contaminants. Normally high temperatures are required, but these promote the formation of process contaminants. For 3-MCPD in particular a more stringent regulation came into effect in January 2021 in the EU for infant foods. With our new purification plant - the Short Path Distillation - we are able to preserve valuable nutrients and to prevent process contaminants when refining edible oils. This new technology offers a wide range of benefits to our customers: This process removes pollutants such as pesticides from crude oils without forming contaminants and isolates fatty acids at the same time. 

In this way, edible oil producers can not only optimise their sensory profile of their products, but also meet the new legal requirements. 


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